Michelle Freeman and LP Snickers win Reserve Champion Arabian Horse Association Youth National Championship.  Jessica is holding the trophy.


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Michelle and Snickers Win 2010 Reserve Champion at  AHA Youth Nationals in New Mexico.  1st Level Dressage.  Congratulations!


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Michelle Freeman was named the United States National Reserve Champion - A/HA/AA Dressage First Level at the 2010 Arabian and Half Arabian Youth Nationals in Albuquerque, NM at the end of July.  She competed with her horse LP Snickers.   


                 “Youth Nationals, mom there’s no way I have any chance of doing well. We’ll drive all the way to New Mexico for nothing” This is what I said the day after we left regional’s, and everyone was pushing me to go to nationals. My mother’s response was what any mother would say “Michelle it’s all about trying your hardest and having a great time doing what you love! It’s not all about how you do.” So on July 25th my mother, sister Jessie, best friend Ali and I all set off for New Mexico. With my only goal was to beat half the class.


                 As I knew the drive there would turn out to be either a blast or a total bust. We left at four-thirty in the morning. That wasn’t the brightest idea; my mother was so sleepy because as soon as Jessie, Ali, and I got into the car we went right back to sleep. We ended up stopping four times before five-thirty. Then as soon as we got going we were off. When we got bored we talked about horses, or sang, and most of the time we sleep. We drove for about twelve hours to Texas. When we arrived there we stayed the night at the best place in the whole world, The Big Texan Steak House. That place was absolutely incredible. It was a horse hotel. So Snickers got to chill till we left bright and early the next morning to finish up the drive. When we went to get Snickers the next morning he was crabby because he had been in the trailer so long already, but he got over it after he ate some hay.  (Continued)

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