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We use the following forms and agreements for our operations. 

We require that you download, print, read, and understand our four-page boarding agreement as the first step in boarding your equine partner with us.  If you have any questions about its content or terms, please let us know. 

NOTE:  We cannot and will not change any of our boarding forms.


We invite you to visit the websites and businesses below.  We've found them very useful and accommodating and hope you will too!

Better Business Bureau

Grand Paradise Ranch received an A+ Accredited Business Rating from the Better Business Bureau!



StarWest is a dressage training facility located near Springfield, Illinois.  StarWest offers dressage training for horses from backing through FEI.  Horses at StarWest enjoy more than just dressage training, but also are introduced to hacking and cavaletti when appropriate as part of their training regimen.

Brockwood Farm Equipment

The horse stall cleaning system that replaces the manure fork. The amazing Brockwood Stall Shi*fter is an electrically operated manure and bedding sifter. It does more than just clean horse stalls, it conditions them by completely sifting and mixing all the bedding and removing all the manure, even particles as small as a kernel of corn. All this in less than 6 minutes in a 12 x 12 stall bedded with 3 inches of sawchip bedding.

Grand Paradise Ranch BBB A+ Rating
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