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Learn from USDF Gold Medalist,

Jessica Fussner

Training, private and group lessons offered in

Classical Dressage, Western Dressage and Jumping.  For additional information, please call Tom at 314-267-6134.

Jessica Fussner



Jessica Fussner-Gould is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist. Jessica has trained and has successfully shown horses through Grand Prix with regional and national success.  Jessica is a USEF licensed Western Dressage Judge 'r'.


As a child Jessica rode in all types of disciplines including halter, western, hunter, jumping, trail, liberty and costume. She even competed in the speed events, barrels and poles. After high school, Jessica wanted to take her riding to the next level by becoming an instructor and trainer.  In order to do so, she attended the Merideth Manor Equestrian School.  She graduated with honors with certifications in training, teaching, riding and equine massage therapy.  


To build upon the basics of dressage learned at Merideth Manor, Jessica then went on to do a two year apprenticeship at StarWest where she continued to educate herself on a daily basis by taking lessons, watching her instructors ride and by riding in clinics with exceptional trainers such as Gerhard Politz and Susan Von Dietze.  At the end of each day at StarWest, she would then go home and reiterate what she learned by applying this same knowledge to her students and horses she had at home, at Grand Paradise Ranch.


Jessica is now the instructor and trainer at Grand Paradise Ranch.  She continues her education by riding on a regular basis with Martin Kuhn, Kate Fleming Kuhn, Gerhard Politz and Cindy Ishoy. 

Jessica Fussner USDF Gold Medalist at Grand Paradise Ranch
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